Estate Coffee

CONGO MICROLOT LIMITED – caramlised sugar, berries, black current also zesty.

COSTA RICA MARGARITA MICROLOT – well balanced coffee with peach, floral hints, nutty and chocolate tones. Great tasting coffee. LIMITED RELEASE.

SUNDA WEST JAVA – a delicate sweet caramel, chocolate, cocoa fruity coffee discovered only recently and grown in the perfect altidude and area to bring out the best this bean can offer. NOT AVAILABLE

SULAWESI TROJA – full body, smooth Indonesian coffee, top grade creamy well balanced.

SUMUTRA BLUE BATAK – one of the world’s finest. Full body raspberry fruits rich balanced coffee.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – good any time of day, rich smooth chocolate notes with underlining fruit flavours.

COLOMBIAN SUPREMO – dark roast, strong, sweet smokey full bodied.

KENYAN – Kenya rich full bodied coffee.Deep rich colour,grape,current ,vanilla,and sweet chocolate,a classic Kenyan.

EL SALVADOR MICROLOT – sweet full balanced coffee with hints of vanilla and fruity notes.

RAWANDA – deep complex black tea and floral notes.